Water-based Polyurethane UV Curing Paint
  • Water-based Polyurethane UV Curing Paint

Water-based Polyurethane UV Curing Paint


Product origin Foshan,Guangdong

Delivery time 30 days after payment

Supply capacity 1000 tons per month

1. Versatility: metal, plastic, glass universal
2. Excellent resistance to friction with paper
3. Excellent silver powder arrangement effect

Water-based Polyurethane UV Curing Paint

Applicable substrates: plastic film, hard plastic, metal hardware, glass, ceramics, wood, etc., a very wide range of applications

Performance characteristics: from extremely soft to very high hardness and toughness of the series of products can be customized, from film coating, soft base fast curing to wood, metal, glass both hard and tough and weather-resistant coating can be achieved, under the groove penetration paint liquid part can be self-drying to achieve the same performance of single-component water-based polyurethane, in the parts that can not be UV energy-activated curing will not be as the market conventional single-curing (can only be uv The residual monomer (toxic) or moisture return sticky (the risk of performance for mold or delamination) phenomenon as in the case of UV paint that cannot be activated by UV energy to cure, thus eliminating the huge risk of being claimed afterwards, is a UV light-curing coating that can be used with confidence, while showing very good fullness after the grease sense.

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