Texture Natural Stone Paint
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Texture Natural Stone Paint


Product origin Foshan,Guangdong

Delivery time 30 days after payment

Supply capacity 1000 tons per month

1. Natural color, with the texture of natural stone
2. High plasticity, can provide a bell three-dimensional shape of the pattern structure
3. With real natural stone, such as marble, granite, etc

Texture Natural Stone Paint

Natural Stone Paint Technical Parameters
18KG/ barrel
Appearance color
Select according to color card
Construction method
special spray gun
Theoretical consumption
Dilution ratio
do not mix with water
Drying time
Surface dry: 2h/25℃ (drying time will vary with the ambient temperature and humidity)
Recoating time: above 3-4h /25℃
Construction conditions
Environment and base temperature should not be less than 5℃, humidity less than 85%, otherwise can not achieve the desired coating effect.
Storage standard
Store in 5-35℃, cool, clean, dry place, the remaining paint should be sealed to prevent deterioration
Unopened storage period is 12 months

Natural Stone Paint Performance Parameters
Test Project
Test Result
Container status
Thermal storage stability (15d)
Low temperature stability
No deterioration
Drying time (Surface dry) /h
Composite Coating
Coating appearance
The coating appearance is normal, as the specimen
Alkaline resistance (96h)
No abnormality
Water resistance (96h)
No abnormality
Stain resistance
Hot and cold cycle (5 times)
No abnormality
Bond strength /MPa
Weathering resistance
600h coating does not crack, can not afford to drum, does not peel, powder 0 level, color ≤level 1

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