Ten-proof Inorganic Interior Wall Paint
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  • inorganic wall paint
  • inorganic wall paint
  • inorganic wall paint

Ten-proof Inorganic Interior Wall Paint


Product origin Foshan,Guangdong

Delivery time 30 days after payment

Supply capacity 1000 tons per month

1 Natural inorganic pigment, 70 years does not fade.
2 It is waterproof, highly breathable, and anti-foaming.
3 It does not release harmful substances such as formaldehyde and cleans the air.
4 Anti-fouling and anti-yellowing, no static electricity, no ash.
5 The expansion and contraction coefficients are the same, which can effectively avoid cracks caused by heat and permanently prevent cracking.
6 Natural and inorganic, effectively prevent the wall from being pulverized by alkali.
7 It is resistant to high temperatures of 1200 ° C, flame retardant, and does not produce harmful gases.
8 It has the characteristics of alkali and achieves the effect of natural moisture-proof and mildew-proof.
9 Organic chemical raw materials or solvents are odorless and clean, good paint is not pungent.
10 The waterproof coefficient reaches 0.02, which is effectively waterproof and gas diffusion.

Ten-proof Inorganic Interior Wall Paint

Product description

The real choice of inorganic coatings for home decoration, using natural ore as raw materials, without adding any chemical anticorrosion, non-toxic, harmless, high-tech replacement products that meet environmental protection requirements.


Instructions for use

Times: Apply 2 times.

Dilution ratio: ≤10% diluted with water. Construction after mixing well.

Theoretical consumption: 1kg/7-10m² once (the actual brushing area will vary due to different construction methods and surface roughness). Recoating time (h/25℃): more than 3 hours (temperature 25℃ and below 65% relative temperature). Construction tools: brushing, roller coating, and spraying are all acceptable. Construction temperature: ambient and wall temperature above +5°C, relative humidity not higher than 85%.

Shelf life: 24 months.


Executive standard

GB/T9756-2018  GB8624-2012



Air circulation should be maintained during construction, and the paint should be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight for a long time. To avoid contamination to skin and eyes or inhalation of excess paint mist, use appropriate protective equipment. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment. Keep out of the reach of children.

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