Professional Project Interior Wall Paint
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Professional Project Interior Wall Paint


Product origin Foshan,Guangdong

Delivery time 30 days after payment

Supply capacity 1000 tons per month

1 Super covering power
2 Excellent scrub resistance
3 Pure flavor formula
4 Large brushing area
5 Engineering is special

Professional Project Interior Wall Paint

Product description

1. High covering power: Excellent covering performance, super covering power>90%, can reduce the number of brushes.

2. Super scrub resistance: The number of scrubbing resistance far exceeds the national standard.

3. Pure taste formula: Strictly select pure taste raw materials, high-end original formula, and environmental protection without irritating smell.

4. Super stability: After adjusting the formula, the stability of the product is greatly improved, and it has been standing for 5 years with no stratification, no stink, and better storage.

5. White beautiful super feel: Delicate after formula improvement, finish paint effect more bright white, fell fine and smooth, texture.

Super cost-effective optimization formula: Brushing area greatly improved, super cost-effective designed for engineering customization, favored by many large projects.

Construction Technology

Pretreatment: Wipe clean the dust and dirt on the unpainted surface and brush the old wall. Putty can be used to fill the damage, and sandpaper can be used to smooth and clean up the dust left by polishing, use flower clothes closed primer to be based.


1. Dilute 10~30% with water;

2. The amount of water added is for reference only. The actual amount of water added can be adjusted according to the construction situation(environment, method).

Brush: should be fully stirred before use, with water to the appropriate construction viscosity, to brush or roller coating process construction.

Brushing environment: the surface should be kept clean and dry, air temperature is maintained at 5°C -28 °C, air relative humidity is less than 800%, and the room is being painted to avoid direct wind to the wall.

Drying time: Under normal conditions(indoor 23°C and air relative humidity 50%), 1-hour dry surface can be recoated after 2-4 hours, drying time:7days (drying time is subject to surface treatment, color, or other factors affect slightly different).

Matters needing attention

1. Construction should not be carried out when the temperature is lower than 8°C or relative humidity is greater than 85%;

2. The product should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, storage temperature is not less than 0°C;

3. Storage condition:5°C-35°C sealed storage away from light, strictly prevent freezing;

4. Validity period:24 months(the lid is not opened).

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