JS40 High Efficiency Waterproof Coating
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JS40 High Efficiency Waterproof Coating


Product origin Shunde,Foshan,Guangdong

Delivery time 30 days after payment

Supply capacity 10,000 tons per month

1 Color anti-leakage brush
2 convenient construction
3 Tough and impermeable
4 strong adhesion
5 water resistance

JS40 High Efficiency Waterproof Coating

TWO GECCO Waterproof Coating

1.Color anti-leakage brush: color effect is very easy to check whether the brush is missed in time

2.Convenient construction: can be rolled, brush construction can be, excellent construction, adapt to the construction of wet substrate without water, to speed up the construction period to speed up the construction period.

3.Tough and impermeable: moderate flexibility and toughness, highly impermeable, can cover capillary.

4.strong adhesion: the substrate and waterproofing layer, waterproofing layer and the subsequent interface have excellent bonding performance.

5.water resistance: can maintain good waterproofing effect under long-term water immersion


Waterproofing is no longer a new topic, whether it is tunnels, bridges, dams, roads, buildings, or the houses we live in every day, waterproofing can not be ignored. At the same time, the electrical products we use in our daily life also have waterproofing and moisture-proofing problems that must be faced head-on.

Tapping JS40 waterproof coating is a two-component flexible polymer cement-based waterproofing coating, using imported acrylic polymer waterproofing emulsion and high-quality cement, with inorganic aggregates and additives, can form a tough elastic waterproof film, the film has good adhesion to concrete and mortar, and can form a tight waterproof layer can be directly tiled without having to do the protective layer again No need to redo the protective layer; pure water-based materials, environmental health.

Waterproof Coating
Environmental standards
Comply with EU environmental standards
Product usage
Kitchen, bathroom, sink, garage, tunnel, wall and floor, and other moisture return parts, especially for paste tile waterproofing projects.
Product specification
18 KG
Product Color
Blue or Gray
Product ratio
Drying Time 
Surface drying 2-4 hours, maintenance time 48 hours
Reference dosage
Construction conditions
5-35°C,avoid rainy day construction
1.0 mm - 1.5 mm
Two bags each of A component emulsion and B component emulsion
Construction method
Emulsion first and then powder, mixed and stirred evenly, wet the base surface and then evenly rolled on the base surface 1-2 times, closed water test after 48 hours of construction.
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