Exterior Wall Transparent Primer Paint
  • exterior wall primer
  • exterior wall primer
  • exterior wall primer
  • exterior wall primer
  • exterior wall primer
  • exterior wall primer

Exterior Wall Transparent Primer Paint


Product origin Foshan,Guangdong

Delivery time 30 days after payment

Supply capacity 1000 tons per month

1 Strong penetration,good sealing,alkali resistance
2 Prevent fading and discoloration
3 excellent adhesion

Exterior Wall Transparent Primer Paint

Product description

This product has strong penetration, good sealing, water, and alkali resistance wall, can effectively isolate the wall alkali and salt substances, can prevent the fading and discoloration of the finish; excellent adhesion can strengthen the wall base material, if used in conjunction with the company's exterior wall paint, can prevent the exterior wall paint film from cracking or falling off.


Main ingredients: Acrylic emulsion.

Color base: Transparent

Drying time: Surface drying time 1h/25℃ (drying time will vary with ambient temperature and humidity), recoat at least 3-4 hours/25℃.

Coating rate: 8-10㎡/kg/pass (the actual coating area will vary depending on the construction method or the roughness of the wall). 

Coating dilution: It can be diluted with water, the proportion is not more than 20%.

Construction method: Before use, it should be fully stirred and applied by brushing or roller coating.

Standard packaging: 18L iron drum.

Basic treatment:

1. The base layer is required to be firm, solid, dry, smooth, clean, and free from dust and oil.

2. It must be painted with the corresponding primer. The primer must be painted evenly and the base layer must be completely closed.

3. Before painting the primer, check the moisture content and PH value of the substrate putty. The moisture content is less than 10% and the PH is less than 10.

Construction climate: It is not suitable for construction when the temperature is lower than 5℃ or the relative humidity is higher than 85%.


1. Store in a cool and dry place at 0-40°C, avoid direct sunlight, store in a well-ventilated place, and keep the container tightly sealed.

2. If the product is not opened and properly stored, the storage period is 24 months.

Executive standard

Quality Standard: Comply with GB/T 9755-2014 national standard.

Safety performance: In line with the national standard GB 18582-2020 "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Wall Coatings for Buildings".


During construction, attention should be paid to maintaining air circulation, and the paint should be kept away from heat sources and direct sunlight for a long time. To avoid contamination to skin and eyes or inhalation of excessive paint mist, use appropriate protective equipment. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical treatment. Keep out of reach of children.

Fluid, homogeneous after mixing
Solid content (%)
45-55 (light colour only, solids content decreases as colour gets darker)
Viscosity (KU)
Density (g/cm³)
1.38-1.42 (light colours only, density decreases with darker colours)
Contrast ratio (light colours)
Scrub resistance (times)
Alkali resistance/water resistance (24h)
No blistering, no powdering, no discolouration

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