Two Gecco Medical System Coating Customized Solutions to Help Boost Immunity

Two Gecco Medical System Coating Customized Solutions to Help Boost Immunity


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With the significant benefits brought by the development of new infrastructure, medical system, indoor environmental health issues have become the focus of attention, the demand for safe, secure and healthy medical environment is also getting higher and higher, the hospital demand for building materials, design, construction and other processes are more stringent, accordingly, all aspects of hospital commissioning become more necessary.


Hospital indoor environment - four major pain points

As we all know, there are several very long-standing headaches in the hospital environment.


1. Wall stain problem

Internal walls are touched by patients or other personnel for a long time, which makes more and more stains and requires regular cleaning, so there is a high demand for the scrubbing resistance and antibacterial self-cleaning properties of the paint.

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2. Pollution problem caused by decoration

All public places when renovating, due to the use of building materials and medical office furniture environmental performance can not be compared with the quality of home furnishings, but when he door is placed in the same indoor space, it is easy to lead to pollutants exceed the standard.


3. Bacteria problem

The air inside the hospital is more bacteria compared to other places, 90% of cross-infections that occur in hospitals are caused by bacteria.


4. Easy to mold leading to health problems

Once the interior walls are moldy, there will be fungal spores in the air for transmission, which will pose a great threat to patients with skin diseases and respiratory infections.

So, how to strengthen the indoor environment of hospital buildings? Hospital buildings are different from general buildings, is the gathering place of bacteria, if not effectively controlled, then it is very easy to cause cross-infection. Therefore, antibacterial, anti-mold and fireproof coatings are of great help to improve the indoor environment of hospitals.


Two Gecco-Provide one-stop hospital system application solutions

Two Gecco, providing one-stop hospital system solutions, specializes in developing functional coatings with special functions of antibacterial and antiviral, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and inorganic fire-proof for medical system, which can serve different areas of hospitals with different needs and escort the health of front-line medical workers.

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