The weather becomes cold, the air humidity is high, such weather is suitable for interior wall construction?
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  • The weather becomes cold, the air humidity is high, such weather is suitable for interior wall construction?

The weather becomes cold, the air humidity is high, such weather is suitable for interior wall construction?


In China, temperatures are dropping across the country, especially in the north, where the first snow of the winter has fallen in many places. In the south, the weather is colder and the air is more humid.

With the weather like this, is work on the interior walls being renovated going to stop? Do you have to wait until spring to get to work?




Pay attention to the following four points, winter can also make a good wall effect!


The construction temperature of interior wall coating is generally recommended to be 5~35 degrees, the best construction temperature is 15~25 degrees, the relative humidity is less than 85 degrees, the construction and maintenance temperature should not be less than 5 degrees, in order to ensure good film formation. Generally speaking, the maintenance time of latex paint is 24H, and the low temperature should be extended appropriately. Low temperature is prone to surface dry in the dry, granulation, adhesion and film cracking and other problems. Only the construction environment is controlled, the painting process is reasonable, in order to brush out good results.


Part.1 Base treatment, ensure that the wall level, moisture content is appropriate.


1. Wall base moisture content 10%, PH<10.


2. The base should be firm. Basic treatment is to remove the skin on the wall, loose and bulge and other places, will remain on the surface of the basic dust, dirt, mortar and so on some debris clean.


3. For the new wall, the maintenance time should be increased appropriately, about 28 days, the purpose is to let the wall dry, humidity is less than 10%. So as not to cause caustic, foaming and other adverse reactions after construction.


Part.2 Ensure the putty layer. The putty layer should be firm and smooth.


1. In winter (low temperature and high humidity environment) construction, batch scraping putty must control the thickness of batch scraping, so as not to affect the drying of putty and cause cracking problem: the construction should not be thick batch, each time the putty should be in the previous time after the drying of putty to batch scraping, like the inner wall room batch scraping 3 times.


2, the wall base putty must reach: the base is firm, the wall is smooth, the nail can not be buckled off the powder, the feel is smooth.


4. It is best to use the supplied putty, water resistant putty is recommended, self-adjusting putty must meet the requirements of JG/T3049 (Building indoor putty "standard.


Part.3 Construction specifications, correct construction, to ensure the paint film effect.


1. Interior wall decoration, from construction to film formation process should be as much as possible heat preservation, to be completely dry before proper ventilation can be maintained. In this way the formation of the film can achieve the best condition.


2. The brushing is equipped with professional brushing tools, and the choice of good brushing tools can produce satisfactory results.


3. Before the construction of primer, it is appropriate to brush the base film or strong curing of the wall. The primer brush must be completed to ensure good drying, pressing with the finger, not sticking to the hand, flat surface without obvious particles, before the construction of topcoat.


5. Top paint brush coating, mixed coating, air spraying and airless spraying should be strictly according to the construction ratio, thin coating and thin spraying as far as possible, so as not to cause coating surface dry, cracking, depowder, not easy to film when the temperature is too low. 5. If the temperature in the room is too low, auxiliary heating is recommended.


Part.4 Pay attention to anti-freezing work in the process of transportation, storage, transportation and storage.


In the construction site storage, more attention should be paid to warm measures to avoid coating freezing before construction.- The transportation and storage temperature of latex paint can not be lower than 0C, especially not lower than -10C. Northern regions have heating in winter, indoor temperature can generally meet the requirements, but special attention should be paid to the anti-freezing work before heating. In the south, there is no heating in winter, we should pay special attention to the change of indoor storage temperature and do a good job of anti-freezing work. It is better to add some heating equipment such as electric heating and so on. Avoid long-term storage at a low temperature. The storage temperature must be higher than 5C.


Winter construction is not terrible, in accordance with the correct steps, you can also get a good film effect!



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