Six major problems from wate-based industrial paint construction!

Six major problems from wate-based industrial paint construction!


Water-based industrial paint mainly uses water as a diluent and does not require a curing agent, which is a new type of environmentally friendly antirust and anti-corrosion coating that is different from oil-based industrial paint. The application of water-based industrial paint is extremely common, such as bridges, steel structures, ships, electromechanics, steel, etc. Because of its environmental protection, it will not cause harm and pollution to human body and environment, thus it is welcomed by users and is the direction of future development of coating industry, and is also a substitute for oil-based paint. So, what are the common problems of water-based industrial paints?

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What is water-based industrial paint?


If you define waterborne industrial paint, it includes two aspects.

Water-based: water is used as a diluent and no other solvents are added during use. The external appearance is small odor, non-flammable and non-explosive.

Industrial paint: A paint that can achieve consistent appearance and performance by using specific means of construction. For anti-corrosion as well as mechanical properties, there are clear requirements or experimental requirements.



Characteristics of water-based industrial paints.


1. Adapt to factory coating.

For example, the water-based industrial paint used for the inner wall of radiators can be baked in the oven together with the powder coating on the outer wall of radiators, and the drying of the inner and outer coatings can be completed in one process.

The water-based paint used for automotive parts can conceal the dip coating process of complex shapes.


2. There is a clear need for corrosion protection.

Mainly including salt spray resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, heat resistant water and other performance indicators.

For example, automotive parts coating, salt spray resistance 300h, for water tanks and other corrosion-prone parts, salt spray resistance 500h.


3. Have a mature coating system.

There are clear requirements in the coating designer from the treatment of the substrate, the selection and matching of the primer, middle coat, top coat, and the thickness of the coating, etc.


Is water-based industrial paint really non-toxic?

No, water-based industrial paint is mainly used as a diluent with water, without curing agent, diluent and other solvents, which is a new type of environmentally friendly antirust and anti-corrosion coating different from oil-based industrial paint. Water-based industrial paint has a wide range of applications, including bridges, steel structures, ships, mechanical and electrical, steel, etc. Because of its energy-saving, environmental protection, will not cause harm and pollution to human body and the environment, and therefore popular with users, is the future direction of the development of the coating industry, but also a substitute for oil-based paint.


What about the new trend of water-based industrial paint development?

Water-based industrial paint is a kind of paint with water as the dissolving medium, just like solvent-based paint, water-based industrial paint has the advantages of non-toxic and environmental protection, no odor, very few volatiles, non-flammable and non-explosive, etc. It is a green and environmentally friendly product without organic solvents as diluents. Water-based industrial paint started late in China, with the increasing improvement of national environmental protection regulations, coating companies and the public's increasing awareness of environmental protection, the development of water-based coatings and other environmentally friendly coatings is imperative. Traditional architectural coatings, automotive electrophoresis primer water-based has been popularized, water-based industrial paint technology is becoming increasingly mature, and began to gradually promote the application of automotive, container, construction machinery and other fields.


What is the performance of water-based industrial paint?

1. Environmental protection: water-based paint is water as a solvent, in the use of the process will not cause harm to human health, will not pollute the environment, load people green life concept, and the use of water as a solvent greatly save resources.

2. Strong adaptability, can be sprayed directly in any environment, and the adhesion is relatively excellent.

3. High density of paint film, easy to repair.

4. Have good matching performance, can match and be covered with all solvent-based coatings.

6. Good filling type, not easy to burn, and high adhesion.


What are the requirements of water-based industrial paint for construction environment?

1. It is strictly forbidden to contact with oily substances, stir well before use, and can be diluted with water appropriately according to the actual demand, but generally add 0-10% of water.

2. Brush, roller, spray, dip coating are available, construction temperature 5°C.

3. Before construction, the surface should be cleared of oil, sand and dirt, loose floating embroidery, rust thickness not more than 120 microns.

4. Storage temperature 0 ° C, placed in a cool dry place to store, frost protection, sun protection.



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