Precautions for exterior wall coating construction in summer

Precautions for exterior wall coating construction in summer


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Summer is the peak period of architectural decoration construction, most of the project will choose to start in summer, but the weather in summer is more changeable, sometimes high temperat

ure, sometimes redundant, sometimes dry, sometimes wet.


The paint products have certain requirements on temperature and humidity in the construction process. In view of the problems that may occur in the construction in high temperature weather, the following tips are provided.

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Paint storage Guide:


1. Timely count and classify the paint after it is transported to the construction site. And handle gently during loading and unloading, avoid boring packaging damage, material leakage caused by losses.


2. The putty is stored in a cool and ventilated place, and the site should be dry and rain less than the site. If it is in the open field, it is necessary to place the horizontal bar on the ground to increase the height, lay plastic film protection, to avoid the putty from moisture caking, after the completion of stacking, use rain cloth cover protection.


3. Primers, stone paint, multi-color paint, texture paint and other barrel materials are best kept indoors in unified storage, and storage container sealing must be better to avoid sunlight.


4. High temperature storage is likely to shorten the shelf life of materials, so keep away from open flame and wire socket and store safely.


5. After the paint is opened, use it as soon as possible to avoid material deterioration or hardening.


6. All materials shall follow the principle of first in, first out, reasonably control the entry and exit of materials, and scientific storage management.


To sum up the suggestions


1. The exterior wall construction personnel should adjust the construction time, avoid the highest temperature period between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. every day, try to arrange the construction in the morning and evening, or the construction on one side of the dark wall, do a good job of heat prevention and cooling measures for the construction personnel, and prepare appropriate amount of anti-heatstroke cooling drugs such as Fengyoujin, Rendan and mung bean soup.


2. The optimal construction temperature of external wall paint and putty is 5-35°C. When the wall temperature reaches more than 50°C, the paint surface dries too fast, which is very easy to produce flowers, cracking and other phenomena, exacerbating the risk of coating problems.


3. The on-site water-based paint should be stored indoors as far as possible. If there is no indoor storage conditions on site, the outdoor paint should be covered with opaque canvas and stored in a ventilated place as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight and high-temperature baking.

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