New market favorite, do you know the six places of inorganic coating application?

New market favorite, do you know the six places of inorganic coating application?


In recent years, the building paint market has quietly changed, the national requirements for building, fireproof, non-combustible interior wall paint increased, and the home improvement market for low VOC, low preservative environmental protection interior wall paint demand increased, yes, inorganic building paint is more and more sought after by the market.

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Two Gecco Ten-defense Inorganic Coating - The Inevitable Choice


As the leading brand of inorganic coatings, the company has invested more than 10 million dollars in the introduction of modern advanced water-based emulsion production equipment, and launched Two Gecco Ten-defense Inorganic Coating!


Two Gecco Ten-defense Inorganic Coating, with anti-cracking, fire retardant, anti-odor, anti-separation, anti-mildew, anti-bacterial, waterproof and anti-alkali, anti-fading and aging, anti-virus, zero formaldehyde, anti-foaming and shedding, anti-fouling and anti-yellowing, are widely used in homes, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and other places.


Below, let's take a look at the six commonly used inorganic coatings, as well as the choice of inorganic coating application reasons!


Place 1: Airport station


The airport station is a place with dense flow of people, and the high population density will require high environmental protection. The airport uses inorganic paint, which does not contain any chemical raw materials or solvents. During the use, the characteristics of net taste have a protective effect on the environment and ecology. At the same time,Two Gecco Inorganic Coating meet the Class A fire protection standard, to meet the traffic dense airport, station fire protection requirements.


Place 2: Home decoration


Household decoration coatings have high requirements for environmental protection, mildew resistance and alkaline resistance. The premise of people's living places is health and environmental protection. Two Gecco inorganic coatings have good pollution resistance and mildew resistance, waterproof and air permeability, and can balance indoor humidity, which is a natural city air conditioner.


Place 3: Office space


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Modern people on average have 90% of the time to work and live in the city, office workers have about 40 hours a week to stay in the office, poor quality paint will cause air pollution, resulting in various diseases of the staff, Two Gecco inorganic paint, using natural ore raw materials, extracted naturally, does not contain harmful chemicals, more environmental health!


Place 4: Schools and hospitals


Schools and hospitals are crowded places, for the wall material of fire prevention and mildew, sterilization and antibacterial requirements are relatively high, Two Gecco inorganic coating raw materials from natural ore, with natural and excellent fire resistance and efficient sterilization and mildew resistance, very suitable for hospital, school wall painting!


Place 5: Commercial areas and shops


The shop wall in the commercial area has high requirements of fire prevention, waterproof, breathable and pollution resistance. The shop selects Two Gecco inorganic coatings, which can not only meet these conditions, but also realize the needs of rapid completion.


Place 6: Outdoor area


The walls of outdoor areas are usually exposed to the sun and are susceptible to natural erosion. The inorganic coatings of Two Gecco have strong weather resistance, prevent foaming and falling off, and will produce silicification reactions with the walls. Their life span is 3-5 times longer than that of traditional latex paints.

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Health, environmental protection, economic, multi-functional is the future development trend of architectural coatings, Two Gecco inorganic coatings, environmental protection, natural, multi-purpose and multi-application scenarios, is to comply with the market development needs of high-tech replacement products!

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